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Creating Your Dream Kitchen

If you are like most homeowners, a good portion of your time is spent inside your kitchen. In order to have that “wow” factor for your kitchen to make a statement to your guests, or are looking to upgrade your space for your own personal enjoyment, Painters in Banbury is the team for the job. 

You can count on us to make sure your kitchen feels new and reflects your own personal style. We offer personalized kitchen design solutions for our customers in Banbury and can help your dream kitchen come to life. We provide color consultations to help make sure all paint and styles reflect your taste, and treat every customer like family.

Our team strives constantly to offer homeowners peace of mind at affordable rates. Call us at 07882 705 761 today to get started with an appointment.

Choosing The Best Paint For Your Kitchen?

Kitchens are a relatively busy part of your home, and the paint in your kitchen is likely susceptible to food splatter. This means that the walls in your kitchen will need to be cleaned more regularly than the walls in the rest of your home, and you’ll need to choose a sturdy paint that can stand up to regular scrubbing.

In terms of paint finishes, a good rule of thumb to follow is that the more matte the paint finish is, the more difficult it will be to clean. This means that semi-gloss or satin paint finishes are likely the best options. These finishes can both withstand mildew, dirt, and other stains, and are relatively easy to clean.

Selecting the Right Kitchen Paint Color

The color you choose to paint your kitchen is a matter of personal preference. Intensely bright colors like red and yellow are thought to stimulate appetite, while lighter colors such as blue, grey, green, and white have become more popular in recent years due to their calming nature.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting & Refinishing

One of the best ways to make a huge impact on the look and feel of your kitchen is to repaint your old cabinets. Repainting your cabinets costs a lot less than buying new cabinets and paying to have them installed. Painted kitchen cabinets are very attractive, and are the more economical choice, giving you money to spend elsewhere on your kitchen upgrade. To ensure that this process is completed properly, it’s best to have a professional paint your kitchen cabinets rather than attempting to DIY. Our team can help you determine what color to use, and make sure your cabinets are the style you want.

Get started with an estimate by contacting our office today. We can schedule a color consultation and find out what needs to happen to help bring your vision to life!
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