Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Banbury

Update Your Home’s Interior

If you bought your house more than a 10 years ago, you may have popcorn ceilings. This aesthetic was trendy a decade or two ago, not any more. If you are tired of outdated popcorn ceilings, call Painters in Banbury. Our team of professionals handles popcorn ceiling removal in Banbury.

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Safely Removing Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings make your home look old and outdated. Depending on when the material was applied to the ceiling, it may contain hazardous materials. Proper removal is required to ensure there are no potential health risks for your family. Our professional team has the training, experience, and resources to handle your popcorn ceiling removal in Banbury safely and effectively.

Preparing Your Ceiling for Paint

The first step to a sleek, modern finish on the ceiling is to remove the popcorn ceiling. Although do-it-yourself removal tutorials can be found online, the process requires skill and safety precautions. We have a lot of experience and have handled many textured ceiling removal and interior painting projects.

Our team strives constantly to offer homeowners peace of mind at affordable rates. Call us at 07882 705 761 today to get started with an appointment.

You can depend on our team to:

  • Utilize proper safety precautions
  • Provide efficient popcorn ceiling removal
  • Thoroughly clean up the work area
  • Communicate with you throughout the process
  • Finish the job on time and to your satisfaction

Once your popcorn ceiling has been removed, we can proceed with your interior painting job. The end result will be a smooth, attractive ceiling that fits better with your home décor. We offer consultations to discuss your popcorn ceiling removal and help you with color selection for your painting project.

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